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New Star Flow Control Inc., manufactures premium flow control products for oil and gas companies worldwide that expect high performance and reliability. We combine rigorous research with our unique engineering capabilities to create a product that delivers world class results each and every time.  Being a world class manufacturer of choke valves, ESD’s, Inline choke/control valves and other oilfield related products, New Star delivers quality product on time to our customers throughout the world.


  • Large trim Positioning Indicator
  • Sophisticated design covering the complete life cycle of a well.
  • Smooth at lower opening prevents the well bore from sudden pressure drop
  • High turn down ratio/ large controllability ranges
  • High accuracy  setting
  • Replaceable Sleeve Protector
  • Less Friction, Low torque Design
  • Closed Yoke
  • Stem Packing and Sealing System
  • Pressure Balanced
  • Standard and Customizable Trim
  • Adaptable to be used with anyone’s Actuators


  • Greater Control Over Positioning of Stem
  • Increased Efficiency of Well Through Proper Sizing
  • Longer Life Through Proper Material Selection
  • Can Support Heavy Load
  • Standard and Customizeable Slotted Port Design
  • Lower torque/thrust Load
  • Fewer repairs and Parts replacements Resulting in Reduced Operational Costs.


Our Mission is to deliver product on time with he shortest lead times in the industry. With an engineering team, manufacturing team, production planning team, assembly, testing and shipping all controlled by New Star Flow Control we are able meet our target delivery dates. In addition we have service engineers available 24/7 in case there are any field issues or commission that may be required.


Our Products are manufactured in accordance with the latest industry standards and we adhere to quality standards as outlined in API 6A and other industry standards.

Who We Are

We are a team of dedicated professionals striving to make our product better each and every day while adhering to a strong belief that a quality family life is the cornerstone to our companies strength.

Where We Are

Our network of global locations gives us worldwide reach along with the local expertise our customers need, when and where they need it.

What We're Woring On

Committed to the continuous innovation that our customers rely on to overcome their most complex flow management challenges.