Disc Trim

Multiple Orifice Valve / Disc Style

  • Quick open & close, 90deg rotation, good capacity, available inline or angle body
  • Provides accurate calibrated flow control, and increased choke service life in all applications.
  • Aides in the control of cavitation, erosion, and freezing, even in high-pressure-drop and severe service conditions.
  • Multiple trim sizes for increased flow volume while reducing nominal body size, reducing end user cost.
  • Trim design resists freezing in CO2 service.
  • It has positive shutoff.
  • Enhanced durability and wear resistance by use of solid Tungsten Carbide trim.
  • Minimal wear components that are easily replaced, resulting in less downtime, and reduced operational costs.
  • Another benefit, adding to its service life: a second set of orifice wearing edges are available by rotating the discs in the opposite direction.

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