Steam Choke Assembly​

The New Star Flow Control  steam choke uses a non-rotating stem with linear motion that won’t grab the packing and pull it out of place. Simply tighten the packing gland when packing is in need of adjustment. The gland nut is easily adjusted since it is externally located. The steam choke employs a graphoil type packing with a temperature range of -32 degrees F to 850 degrees F and features a mechanical type bonnet assembly, which is isolated from the steam flow. This prolongs the life of all major components and gives the operator reliable service and simple maintenance. This design has proven itself over and over, so make the steam choke from New Star Flow Control your next choice.


  • 3000 PSI/API and ANSI class
  • Max 1” Orifice
  • Alloy or SS body
  • Flanged, BW, LPT, SW end connections
  • Temp range -32 degrees F to 850 degrees F
  • Angle body w/ vent port
  • Trim SS ½, ¾, 1” orifice sizes


  • Uses JWA type body
  • Aluminum indicator
  • External packing adjustment
  • Field repairable
  • Metal to metal taper seal
  • Hammer union design
  • Uses FMC type N seat