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Heater Choke Model TB-10​

Heater Choke Model TB-10

The indirect flow line heater is used to heat natural gas to a temperature, which is sufficient to prevent the formation of hydrates when line pressures and temperatures are reduced. Our model TB-10 Long Nose Heater Choke lends itself well to this application. The TB-10 is constructed of the highest quality material to give the end user many years of trouble-free service.

The function of our TB-10 LN Heater Choke Assembly is to expand the high pressure gas within the tubing coils of an indirect fired heater. The coil attaches to the outlet end of the choke body, which is immersed in the water bath of the heater. The resultant generation of heat within the heater minimizes the extreme refrigeration action, which occurs as the high pressure gas expands.


  • Design Pressure: 10,000 PSI CWP, 15,000 PSI CTP
  • Trim Sizes Available: 1/2”, ¾”, 1”
  • Body Angle Design 90 Degree
  • Trim Material: Alloy Steel, SS, SS w/Tungsten, Carbide, Inconel
  • Dimensions: Inlet 12 5/8” Outlet 19 7/8”
  • O-Ring Bonnet Seal
  • Indicator in 64ths Inch Increments
  • Body 5.00” OD for Pack-Off


  • Centerline Dimes Same as Thornhill Craver
  • Safety Pressure Relief Vent in Body
  • Choice of End Connections BW or Single Bolt Coupling BW
  • Trim Interchangeable with that of Original Thornhill Craver
  • Hammer Nut Design for Easy Removal & Installation
  • Easily Replaces Thornhill Craver Fig 308 10M
  • Available Nace (MR-01-75) or Standard Service
  • Choice of Trim Sizes & Materials Alloy, SS, SS/Tung Carbide
  • Field Weldable Material
  • Easily Actuated
  • Max 1” Trim Size Available
  • Easily Converts to Positive for Testing
  • Grease Fitting in Bonnet for Lubrication

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