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Heater Choke 6,500 CWP & 7,800 CWP​

When you select a 6,500 PSI ECONOMY HEATER CHOKE from New Star Flow Control you can be assured of high quality at a very competitive price. It is built upon a time-proven design that has been employed by both end users and fabricators in countless trouble-free installations. The function of a Heater Choke is to expand the high pressure gas within the tubing coils of an indirect fired heater. The coil attaches to the choke at its outlet end, which is immersed in the water bath of the heater. The resultant generation of heat minimizes the extreme refrigerating action, which will occur as the high pressure gas expands. Get more value for your dollar when you specify the 6,500/7,800 PSI ECONOMY HEATER CHOKE from New Star Flow Control.

End Connections2” Threaded | Socket Weld | Butt-Weld
Trim Sizes1/2”, 3/4”, 1”
Body DesignAngle Type | Long Nose
Trim MaterialsAlloy Steel | SS Tungsten Carbide
Design Pressure6,500 PSI CWP | 7,800 PSI CWP | 10,000 PSI CWP


  • Threaded Bonnet with O-Ring
  • Available in NACE (MR-01-75)
  • Safety Pressure Relief Vent in Body
  • Choice of End Connections BW or SW
  • Body 4130 75K with High Tensile & Yield Strengths
  • Interchangeable with Thornhill Craver Type Economy Heater Choke
  • Upgradeable to 7,800 PSI CWP

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