Type H2 Positive and Adjustable Chokes 4" Nom

The 4” Nom model H2 is a great choice for any flow application requiring a max orifice of a 3” diameter. The adjustable type features a needle & seat design to allow fully adjustable flow and is constructed of the same high quality materials as our other H2 models to deliver many years of trouble-free service. The positive choke in turn utilizes a flow bean to achieve the desired flow conditions.

Conversion of this choke, whether it be a positive or adjustable mode of operation, is easily performed in the field with a limited amount of downtime and simple hand tools.

This choke may be manufactured per our standard inlet & outlet dimensions or built per the client’s special dimensions.

Spare parts for this assembly are readily available as we maintain an inventory of choke trim and all other parts for this assembly.


  • Body Max 3” Orifice Nom 4” Bore
  • Positive & Adjustable Operation
  • Design Pressure 5m CWP
  • Factory Tested to 7,500 PSI
  • Trim Alloy, SS, SS w/Tung Carbide, Inconel, Stellite
  • API or ANSI Rated End Connections
  • Bonnet Nut Internal ACME Threads
  • Needle & Seat Design
  • O-Ring Bonnet to Body Seal
  • Metallic Seat Gasket


  • Hammer Union Nut with Forged Lugs
  • End Connections Flanged, Butt-Weld, Hammer Union
  • H2S & Standard Service Application
  • Easily Converted From Positive to Adjustable
  • Bleed Port in Body to Relieve Pressure
  • Adapter Allows Use of Big John & FC-140 Beans
  • ACME Threads on Hammer Nut & Body
  • Stem ACME Threads to Prevent Galling
  • Indicator in 64ths Increments PVC, Aluminum, Delrin & SS Material
  • Seat & Bean Slotted for Easy Removal & Installation
  • Assembly Alloy Steel 410 SS
  • Grease Fitting in Bonnet for Lubrication
  • Choice of Centerline Dimensions
  • Parts Interchangeability with Choke of Original MFG