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Choke valve and Actuator

At New Star Flow Control Ltd., we ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations which is why our unique engineers team work continuously to develop products that are suitable to the needs of our clients. Due to our continuous advancement in materials, sizing and engineering… We introduce our latest design;

The New Star choke valve utilizes a robust body orifice and the ability to manually or remotely control well production flow at the wellhead and or flowline with a highly engineered choke trim design.  The flow trim is pressure balanced to minimize the stem loads and provide low operating torques. Standard and customized slotted ports. Standard or customized end connections are available.

Choke Valve and Actuator

We have a variety of actuators suitable for low-torque conditions, some of which include:

Pneumatic Actuators

  • Compact design
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Fast installation

Hydraulic Actuators

  • Greater weight bearing capability
  • Shock-resistant
  • Low wear-and-tear;
  • corrosive proof

Stepper Motor Actuators

  • Offers maximum configurability
  • Highly durable
  • Long stroke
  • lengths

Smart Features of our Product

  • Large trim positioning indicator
  • Sleeve pointer protector
  • friction, low torque design
  • Closed yoke
  • Stem packing and sealing system
  • Pressure balance system
  • Standard and customized slotted ports
  • Cage carrier and protector
  • Replaceable outlet sleeve protector

Operational and Financial Benefits

  • Greater control over positioning the stem
  • Increased efficiency of your well
  • Longer life for moving parts
  • Supports heavy load
  • Lower torque / thrust load Improved well performance
  • Fewer repairs and replacements, thereby resulting in cost saving

Electric Actuators

  • Compact Design– only 17-18 lbs

  • Customer control standards

  • High strength gearing

  • Low maintenance

  • Smallest footprint

  • Watertight and hazardous area enclosures

  • Comprehensive control and flexibility